Saturday, June 28, 2008

Western Shores: Areas

(Originally posted at on 3/1/08)

I've been staying busy with work. It is a bit rough being gone 12 hours a day, due to my commute. I ended up having to redo a lot of work for my NWN2 modules. I accidentally
deleted them all when I tried to reinstall the game. Fort
unately they were easier to make the second time around. Here's a few pictures of what I have.

This is a shot of Torleo, a small town along a trade route. I plan to open the story here. The building in the upper right corner is the Crimson Harpy Tavern, which I plan to use as the main gathering spot in the game, similar to the Drunken Flagon in the Neverwinter Nights 2 official content.

The castle is in the town of Alesrenoa, the capital of Irolo. I used Nyt's Building Construction kit to make the castle and city walls. It is a wonderful resource, and I strongly recommend it.

I also included a couple screenshots of the rest of Alesrenoa. I did the texture on most of the buildings myself. I still have a little bit more work to do, perfecting it.

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