Saturday, June 28, 2008

Western Shores: The Characters

(Originally posted at on 3/28/07.)

Helene-My first RP character, based largely on Moraine from The Wheel of Time. She's a sorceress with a wicked fireball.

Iscar-Helene's warder/husband, a strong fighter, and the Kiluani Prince. If you pick Helene, you have to pick Iscar(and vice versa).

Mouse-A street urchin rogue. She is a fantasy character I made up for another campaign, and never actually was in the Western Shores. But I needed a rogue to round things out, so I added her.

Torrenn-An elven ranger with a katana.

Mlain-Ok, this isn't even a PnP RP character, and he doesn't belong in Western Shores. He's my husband's Ever Quest character, and I'm adding him because 1) I can and 2) as a nod to my husband. Besides, Mlain does have a slightly different persona than my husband, and there is RPing involved there, even if it is from an MMORPG.

I have enough characters to make the map run properly at this point. But I am considering adding:

Morag-an Orc leader

Chang-a crazy goblin

Henry-the Ogre brick

Marie-the Yari-girl, and also General Thornebird's daughter (I think) Palon-but I'm not sure if I'll make him playable

Sehri-Palon's daughter and a necromancer. (She's one of my favorites on the Warcraft3 map.)

Brother Perry-a monk who likes to throw apples at people

Zathris-an elven cleric who is a serious zealot and seems to think he's tough as a Troll

Tess-an Earth mage with a big sword (I don't know how to transfer her into the D&D system though.)

I'd like to include Lorelai (a vampire sword maker with a heart, and Straad's woman) in someway, but she's too precious for me to touch, and I don't want to do anything to change her. Especially since she isn't my character.

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