Saturday, June 28, 2008

Western Shores: The story

(Originally posted at on 3/28/07.)

General Thornebird, with his army, is attacking Markoth and his undead in the Grey Bogs.

You, the PC, begin by entering Thornebird's camp. There are other heroes (characters from other RP campaigns) there already. You can recruit help from these heroes before going off to kill Markoth.

There will be waves of undead advancing on the base, as well as Anti-Heroes to fight before reaching Markoth himself.

Some villains I plan to include are: Straad(a vampire), Lucien (a wizard-necromancer), Venesha (a succubus), and Saldra (a disease/pestilence entity).

You get to control yourself and 3 additional party members. There isn't a Strategy/army building aspect to the game; it's a squad map. I don't want the play time of the entire story to go over a couple hours, since I want this to be multi-player as well.

Eventually, I want to expand the module into an entire campaign, focused on multiple places in the Western Shores and the events that lead up to the attack on Markoth.

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