Saturday, June 28, 2008

Western Shores

(Originally posted at on 3/28/07.)
I miss the RP times with my college buddies and I wanted to do something about it.

My first thought was designing a platform that would allow online, graphics-based role-playing. I wanted the story building and flow that comes with pen and paper role-play, but I also wanted a visual aspect to go with it. The MMORPGs have the graphics part, but they have nothing on story building and characterization. They are about roll-play, not role-play.

Well, I could manage the graphics part, slowly but surely. However, I know nothing of coding. After doing some research, I discovered Neverwinter Nights had a good platform that is used for online shared storytelling, so I decided to get Neverwinter Nights 2. I played through the campaign (icky D&D rules... I miss Hero) and now I'm starting my first map/module.

One of my college buddies made an amazing PvE map in Warcraft3, that has provided me with many hours of enjoyment. He took Western Shores (a fantasy world designed by Hero Games, which was used as the primary setting for fantasy campaigns in our group) characters and put them into a map, and they go off and fight the evil BAD, Markoth. It's amazing.

Well, since I'm not nearly as creative as this friend is, I asked him if I could use his map as a floor plan for my new NWN2 module that I'm working on. He said yes. And this is my new project.

I'll post updates regularly, hoping to get feedback from anyone who happens to drop by. I know I'll need help writing convincing dialogue for the characters and working out some character development for them throughout the story.

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